About us

Vilnius University Energy Society
(Lithuanian acronym: VU JEK – Vilniaus universiteto Jaunųjų energetikų klubas)
We are an independent, non-profit orientated, non-political student organization which specialises in the field of energy. We unite all students who want to have a better understanding of the energy sector from technological, economical, political and social points of view.


Our vision – a general public which is aware of the importance of the energy sector.

Our mission – to educate the general public about the energy sector and to contribute to the national resolutions in the energy field by organising events, participating in projects and spreading unbiased information.
VU JEK organises public lectures on topics ranging from nuclear fission to energy markets and energy policy. We also arrange tours to power plants, companies and other energy related organisations. Furthermore, we write essays, participate in national and international conferences and in various kinds of projects.
Examples of VU JEK organized lectures:


  • Energy and geopolicy. The Baltic states
  • Electricity market of Poland (in English)
  • “LitPol” and “NordBalt” interconnections impact to Baltic electricity market
  • Electricity transmission system in Baltic states. How does it work?
  • Paris agreement. How hot will it be?
  • Liquified natural gas terminal. Bridge to the world’s gas markets
  • Visaginas nuclear power plant project. Demand, progress and prospects
  • Renewable energy sources. Present situation and future
  • Electricity, gas and biofuel markets review
  • Nuclear fusion – a prospect for the future?
  • “Fortum” activity in Lithuania
  • Energy security evaluation of Lithuania

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Chairman of Vilnius university Society of energy students

Justas Kvedaravičius, 2nd year student of Physics